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8 Conlay

Print Collateral

Bringing the 8 Conlay brand to life and ensuring that the same visual language is sustained across its many marketing collaterals requires a high degree of coordination. Be it a marketing brochure or location map, navigating  the contrasting brand principles of 8 Conlay’s two main brand partners — the boldly contemporary YOO and the more traditionally inclined Kempinski Hotels — is an ongoing challenge.  In line with the objectives of the brand’s sales and marketing team, the creative direction we devised succeeds in achieving a unique balance between the two very different brands whilst maintaining 8 Conlay’s own distinctive tone of voice. The result is an ultra-modern approach that toes the line between classic and cosmopolitan, making the most out of the many nuances and narratives that define 8 Conlay.

Copywriter: Adele Chong

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