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8 Conlay

Jacket Wrap Ads 2015

The first phase of 8 Conlay’s branded residences was launched in November 2015 in conjunction with the opening of its newly minted sales gallery. Tasked with designing a series of ads to be placed in several major Malaysian newspapers, we opted to deviate from the go-to property launch ad format. Eschewing a run-of-the-mill showcase of the building’s renderings, the finalised ads, instead, highlighted YOO8’s emphasis on style and substance through its incorporation of artistic and culturally inclined design elements. Featuring close-up details of characteristic textures found throughout the show units’ interiors, the opening images of the four-page jacket ads, which took on the look of edgy, abstract paintings, conveyed a simple yet visually impactful message: at YOO8’s branded residences, art exists at every turn.

Copywriter: Adele Chong

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