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8 Conlay

Web Series Conceptualisation & Art Direction

From the very beginning, 8 Conlay set out to be a property development which does not aim to be different for the sake of being different. It champions the people behind the development who place emphasis on every aspect of what a home can be. In line with this philosophy, we conceptualised a series of videos titled the “Inspiration Series” where we showcase the personalities behind 8 Conlay and their stories — the developer, architect, landscape architect, interior designer, and the leaders of the 2 prominent brand partners, YOO and Kempinski. Working closely with production agency, Reservoir World, we helped with storyboarding, script writing and art directing on location sets.

Production Agency: Reservoir World Sdn Bhd
Director: Philip Rom
Executive Producer: Chow Chun Son
Producer: Elle Chang
DOP: Fendi Shareef Ang, Ucunn Wong & Yuki Eyok
Editor: Willie Ong

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