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Makanlah buah-buahan tempatan

Wrapping Papers

Invited to participate in “Makanlah Buah-buahan Tempatan”, a local art show, we jumped at the opportunity to experiment with graphics inspired by Malaysian-grown fruits. Drawing on our ongoing fascination with stationary and everyday work tools, we designed a wrapping paper series that featured visual juxtapositions of local fruits and objects. In one example, the banana’s iconic yellow and black colours nod to the familiar stripes of a 2B pencil. In another, the durian’s spikey surface references the serrated edges of a tracing wheel, a tool conventionally used for sewing. A highlight is the rambutan-patterned paper, which finds the fruit’s signature hairy husk emerging in kinship with the bristles of a paintbrush. Printed and exhibited at the art show, the series offers a Southeast Asian twist on Pop Art.

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